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Things Teacher-Librarians Do That People Don’t Realize

by Andi Johnson

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians are Teachers?

• We plan and co-teach, with classroom teachers, units of study that align with Colorado State Standards.
• We integrate technology into our instruction that teaches students how to use new tech tools and engages them in their learning.
• We teach students how to research …. how to determine what resource would be most appropriate based on their research question, how to know if a web site has reliable information, how to note-take, how to summarize, how to avoid plagiarism, how to cite sources, etc.
• We promote a love of literacy and enthusiasm for reading in many ways, including helping students find books that are just right for them, familiarizing them with the Colorado Children’s Book Award books,  providing reading incentives, and partnering with Jefferson County Public Library so students can utilize its free, reliable resources.

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians are the go-to technology geeks in the building?

• We teach the newest tech tools to both students and teachers.
• We troubleshoot many tech problems daily … My document didn’t print … I can’t log in … Why can’t I put this book on hold? … The printer is out of paper … My text box disappeared … I can’t save my document … I don’t know how to share my Google doc with my teacher … I can’t upload my latest assignment to my web site …
• We work to maximize school technology budgets so we can purchase new technology tools and update existing ones so all students can have sufficient access to technology.

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians are Managers?

• We manage the library schedule so it’s open all day to meet students’ needs, whether it be for research, book check out, computer use, etc.
• We order materials that support the curriculum needs of our students and teachers while staying within our limited budgets.
• We write grants to expand our buying power.
• We create and maintain a 3-Year Plan for the library.
• We manage the duties of our library aide as well as parent and student volunteers.
• We manage the purchasing, cataloging, and inventory of all materials, both print and digital.

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians run and facilitate events that kids love, like Author Visits, Book Fairs, Book Swaps, and Summer Reading Programs?

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians work hard to communicate what happens in the library, especially by maintaining a library web page that has useful links, and writing monthly articles for our school’s newsletter?

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians teach classroom teachers, especially in the area of new technology?

Did you know that Teacher-Librarians love kids, and that kids and their achievement are at the front-and-center of everything we do, every day?

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