Our TL is the Heart of Our School

Our TL is the Heart of Our School

by Susanne Gagnon (Jeffco Teacher)

Our Library is Always Busy


Picture a library in your school where students stand behind a red line waiting to be called to check out their two library books.  Now picture a library where there are two, maybe even three classes checking out library books at their reading level, on computers researching a project, listening to favorite books, reading with a dog on the floor, learning a lesson taught by the school teacher librarian.  Which school would you want to be a part of?


Our TL Makes Learning Relevant


At Betty Adams, our teacher librarian is the heart of our school.  She is constantly helping teachers find materials, collaborating with teams, working with smaller groups, teaching classes.  One specific collaboration which just happened before the winter break was when 2nd grade came to her and said we are teaching a new history unit. We all agreed teaching the history of our school would be a good start. She started with helping students interviewing people on tape.  We have a huge working timeline wrapped around the school in which the students took pictures and added them to the timeline as well as pertinent information.  Our teacher librarian also helped to plan a video conference with the superintendent of our school and our second graders. A wonderful experience for all involved!


I Can’t Imagine Our School Without Our TL


In short, we have a great teacher librarian who is the heart of our school.  I can’t imagine not having her in our building.  She is one person who touches every student in our building. 

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